segunda-feira, 15 de agosto de 2011


The work identifies some possible requires to development of the nautical activity of leisure in The State of Bahia, particularly in Bay of all Saints, on purpose to identify mechanism of income generation, job and increase of the tributary collection. It delineates the evolution and characteristic of nautical leisure as well as the competitive and comparative advantages of Bahia in relation to another competitor regions in Brazil. The presented research doesn’t speak about the preservation of nautical culture and naval art which developed along the history of Bahia and the absence of governamental planning, as factor of that damaged the increase of this sector. The absence of implement customs inspector in direction to concession of incentives to implantation of shipyards (dockyards) and industries of nautical equipments is another factor in inhibitory of that activity in the state. The complementar participation of the government of the state of Bahia in relation to Brazilian Navy in the safeguard activities in the sea-life understand oneself as a support for the navigations of the seashore of Bahia. The authors conclude according to the arguments delimited in that monograph by the existence of one accentuate out of proportion among the nautical structures. Nowadays, existing in Bay of all Saints and the exploitable potencial. This scenery can be reverted with the adoption of public politics, inducing to a growth of this sector with favorable implication in the indicators of economic and human development of the state.            

Keyword: Saveiros – Nautic – Bay of all Saints – leisure – Bahia


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